C-Card Services


C-Card Services

Condom Card – commonly known as C-Card – is a discreet and free service that offers free condoms and lube packs for sexual health improvement for young people between the ages of 13-24, notwithstanding sexuality or gender.

To access a C-Card, you do not have to be active sexually. At Sherburn Village Pharmacy, our team of qualified pharmacists are ready to advise and offer the C-Card service.

Condoms are the only form of protection that aids prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, you have to use them accurately during sex.


Where can I acquire a C-Card?


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Numerous youth organisations, GP surgeries, and pharmacies give C-Cards to interested young people. Therefore, you can join any C-Card scheme and use the card to collect more lube packs and condoms.

If you are between 13 and 15 years, it’s equally important to have a brief discussion with a health professional. This will make sure that you are not only safe but also have support in relation to your sexual health options.


How to get a C-Card and where to use it

All you need to do to get a C-Card is visit an outlet that provides a full C-Card. A trained and qualified C-Card worker will register you to the scheme. Immediately you get your C-Card, you can use it at any C-Card location.


Joining the C-Card Scheme: acquiring your C-card

The C-card scheme is free and it’s also confidential. No name or address is required to fill out the registration.

Aged 13, 14, or 15?

– You have to go to a C-Card Point.
– You can’t access your C-Card from a C-Card Lite Point.

Aged 16 to 24?

– You can visit any C-Card Point or C-Card Lite Point.
– When you receive your C-Card, you will also get a starter condom and lube pack.


Collection points for more condoms or lube packs

Take your C-Card to any C-Card Point, or C-Card Lite Point, to pick up more free condoms and lube packs.

Are you looking for reliable and discreet services for C-Card in Sherburn Village? Let Sherburn Village Pharmacy assist you today.


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